These regal crowns, standing next to the Regents canal, are dominating, mesmeric and strange. Their presence harks back to a previous era when London considered its industry an inevitable part of life and as a result gave it some decoration no matter how slight!

 A6'sh Crown's Awaiting

Bethnal Green gas holders as seen from Regents Canal

Print Print Size 580 x 400 mil/A2'sh

Print Size 105 x 150 mil/A6'sh

The initial large print was created in 2009. Three prints were sold from this and the remaining prints decommissioned.The image was reworked in 2013.

9 have now been tinted (latest 2 Sept '15), 3 new are sold.

The A6'sh size is a cropped image of the holders and path.12 are tinted (latest 3 Sept '15) 6 are sold so far.

A smaller (A3'sh) print of the gas holders from the other side of the canal is also available, 'Princes Crown's'.These holders are under severe threat of dismantling ! I hope not!!??