Purchasing via paypal or BACS I will send jpegs of images available on request itsclarejohnson@gmail.com
I label all my prints with A sizes mostly they are not exact but it helps to give a ball park idea

A2 595 framed 495 unframed
Large Square 495 framed 395 unframed

A3+1/2( stupid size but just bigger than one and not as big as the other!) 455 framed/355 Unframed
A3 395 framed 295 unframed
Medium Square 360 framed, 295 unframed

A4 245 framed 195 unframed
Small square 245 framed 195 unframed

A5 195 framed 125 unframed

A6 145 framed 95 unframed

My prints are all one off they can vary a great deal. I do keep and sell prints that are older or suffered in the surge etc at lower prices.
I also do a range of screen printed prints that start around 45 and up to 200.