A structure that has dominated my adult life, Holding steady through changing times!It has now been dismantled, restored and moved to the other side of the canal at Kings Cross,St Pancras. To become a venue?

Large size screened in both Purple and Black, 3 May 2008.A new screen and refined image created Sept'12  Print size 580 x 395mm. 10 A3'sh were screened and mono-typed November 2009,14 A5'sh and A6'sh were screened February 2011, A4'sh prints started in 2012. 8 large black and 4 purple have been sold.5 A3'sh sold,1 A5 and 5 A6'sh are sold so far. I screen and tint as needed so the series are ongoing and changing colours as they go.

Tiara of Pancras Boulevard 4/A6'sh size

The gas holder as it was on St Pancras Way as seen from the side entrance of Euro Star