What and how I do it

Print procedure and process

Initially I go urban hiking, following leads to forgotten industrial sites.Chasing landmarks seen from trains or car windows plus hours of intense wanderings through city A to Z's. Once found they are photographed and noted with map references. My approach then is to mimic vintage post cards. I work from the initial photograph which I manipulate to ape early printing methods. This forms the positive for the single colour screen print.

An acrylic sheet is then inked up to form the plate for the mono-type print. This is placed on top of the screen print and passed through an etching press to form the colour tint. Not all colours are 'inked up' at once so the plate is passed through the press many times. I change the order of print each time so the saturation of colour varies within the run.

I'm now calling the groups of prints 'series'. The mono-type is a unique print so the image, water tower,gas holder etc will repeat but the colours will always varie in intensity and can be very different within each series I print (I normally do about 4 at a time so the following four could be very different! )

Each print is unique within the series.

Clare Johnson 2013